eduTrips unique Trip Authorisation and Consent Tools take the pain out of lost emails and paper forms to streamline the process and provide an audit trail of actions.

Custom Internal Authorisation Workflow

eduTrips allows you to build an internal trip authorisation workflow based on different trip types and departments.

From a simple single trip authoriser to a multi-level authorisation matrix different for each department, eduTrips authorisation setup has you covered. 

Trip Authorisation Manager

One Click Parent/Guardian Consent Tools

Getting the consent from a Parent or Guardian could not be any easier.

Using our Consent Management Tool, you can send the consent form over at a click of a button and start tracking the responses that start coming in almost instantly.

With you every step of the way

Trip Authorisation & Consent Features

More Trip Authorisation & Consent Features

Message Manager

Use our internal message manager along with email to speed up the process

Email Tracking

Track consent emails & see whether they have bounced, been opened or clicked

Manual Consent

Still accept manual consent via paper forms where needed

Improve your internal authorisation and parental consent now!

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