Custom Risk Assessment Tool

Our online Risk Assessment Tool will guide each group leader on completing a risk assessment.

Risk assessments are customised to the type of trip you are running so you only need to complete the risks appropriate to your trip.

Trip Risk Assessment Tool

Store Additional Risk Assessment Documentation

You can use eduTrips to store any additional risk assessment documentation your School or College may require or is specific to your trip destination.

Documents can be accessed whilst on your trip

Safety is in the heart of the system

More safety features

eduTrips was built with Safety at it's heart. The below features are used to reinforce that

Dynamic Risk Assessment Form

Take a dynamic risk assessment form on the trip with you for those risks you spot on the day

Participant Lists

Access the list of participants and relevant medical details online or print it out

Emergency Contact List

Access your contact list online or print and take it with you.

Final Approval Checks

By using eduTrips, you can ensure any trips go through final approval checks the policies of your school or college requires, giving you the opportunity for more than one person to check the details of any trip before it travels.


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Learn how eduTrips can help you master risk assessments

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eduTrips was built with safety at it's heart. Ensuring your trips are run safely with the correct risk assessments completed and the required documentation submitted, eduTrips will take the pain out of keeping your trips and your students safe.

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